Mass For You at Home: An Evangelisation Opportunity


With large parts of the country having spent weeks or months in lockdown over the past year or so, the question of providing spiritual nourishment to people restricted to homes has been an important one.

Clergy move brings new opportunities: All Saints Parish, Albany Creek, QLD

Church at Twilight

“Clergy moves” is an aspect of Church life that most priests and parishioners know they must live through every few years. It can be a challenging time for all concerned. The priest must pack up his belongings, say his farewells, move to a place — usually not of his choosing — and then attempt to settle into his new surroundings. Parishioners might be joyful about the change of priest, or sad to see the outgoing priest leave. Sometimes, when the clergy moves happen frequently, parishioners may even disengage and possibly not even try to connect with the “new bloke”. Such transitions can be fraught for both parties.

Call to Connect: An opportunity for all women

Church at Twilight

About 12 years ago, Canberra priest Fr Ken Barker MGL consulted a few women after Mass and asked: “What would women like to see for them? Can you find out?”

Frassati Fraternity helping form young Catholic men


The life and example of a 20th-century Italian saint-in-waiting is fuelling a growing lay Catholic initiative helping young men to become active members of their faith communities.

Australian Catholic podcasts on the rise


Podcasts have been around for several years now, but for Catholics wishing to listen to engaging, regular content from a faith perspective, there hasn’t been a whole lot of local options. While there’s an abundance of popular podcasts created in other countries, Australian Catholics are only just starting to build a presence in the medium.

Working together in Wilcannia-Forbes


The Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes is unique in many ways. It is the largest Catholic diocese in New South Wales, covering more than half of the state, yet it consists of just 20 parishes. The cathedral is located at Broken Hill, while the diocesan chancery office is located at Forbes – more than 700 kilometres away.

Parish Secretaries: Frontline evangelists

Church at Twilight

One of the most common questions asked of the Catholic Enquiry Centre is “How do I get a copy of my Baptism certificate?” Such enquirers are required to locate and connect with the parish where they were baptised to source a copy of the certificate. This made us think, what other requests do parishes get, and who answers them?

Connecting women in ministry and mission

Consultation for Women

“Often, we can look at the big picture of the Catholic Church in Australia and be disappointed about what does not seem to happen, yet so much is happening in the local communities of faith around the Church in Australia.”

These words from Bishop Michael Morrissey, Bishop Delegate for Women, were at the heart of the recent online national Consultation for Women.

Come and See: An invitation to encounter Jesus

Come and See

The 54th World Communications Day will take place on May 9 in Australia, with this year’s theme being “Come and see: Communicating by encountering people as and where they are”.

It is an invitation not just to media professionals, but to the whole Church, to discern news, to go beyond the screens and what we read, and to be in relationship with others.

The evangelising power of Christian art

YOY artwork

Jesus said nothing about art. He did, however, speak using images that were at once familiar enough to be grasped and yet evocative enough to provide a glimpse of the mystery about which he was speaking – God, the Kingdom, the Temple, the Cross, eternal life.

The Church, from early times, turned to art in its life, worship and mission. Art, in the form of figurative and symbolic images, was used to portray or signify important people, places and events in the Christian story. Art, in images of the Scriptures, the saints and history was used to catechise. Art, in churches and other sacred places, was used in a sacramental way to make present and to honour those whose images were portrayed – Christ crucified, the Virgin Mary, biblical figures and the saints.

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