Catholic Women Consultation


Catholic women are being invited to participate in an online national consultation on March 27th, with the Bishops Commission for Evangelisation, Laity and Ministry.

The consultation invites women to articulate and celebrate their contribution and vision for the mission of the Catholic Church in Australia.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse (BCELM Chairperson) and Bishop Michael Morrisey (Bishops Delegate for Women) will be present for the meeting to hear the voice of Catholic Women from around Australia.

Bishop Michael Morrissey said he is looking forward to hearing from Catholic women from across the country.

“The thoughts, the voices and the actions of women within the Catholic Church are absolutely central to our life and mission, and the national consultation invites a sharing and listening that will benefit the whole Church,” he said.

“All the bishops have women acting in senior roles within their dioceses; this conversation provides another forum for broader national conversation.”

Clara Geoghegan, the executive secretary of the Bishops Commission and one of the organisers of the consultation, said women she had spoken with were supportive of the idea of a national conversation.

“Our Church has become increasingly comfortable with the notion of listening and dialogue, in part because of the Plenary Council’s invitation to engage in that way,” she said.

“Women are looking forward to the opportunity to speak with the two bishops and with one another and, as invited by the great document Gaudium et Spes, to share their joys and their hopes, their griefs and their anxieties, for the Church in Australia.”



The March consultation will inform the development and agenda of a national Catholic women’s event in September.

Bishop Morrissey said the Catholic Women’s Gathering will follow a format that was developed for the inaugural Catholic Men’s Gathering held last year.

“Indeed, the idea for the Catholic Men’s Gathering came off the back of the successful Catholic Women’s Colloquium, which was established many years ago,” he said.

Moving from an in-person event to an online event creates opportunities for greater participation because the challenges of cost and travel were eliminated or reduced. The format of pre-recorded video presentations that are played at hubs across the country, supplemented with local prayer and reflection, will be used for the Women’s Gathering.

Further information will be provided in coming months.

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