Youth ministries begin national network process

Youth Consultation

More than 70 youth ministry leaders gathered online on November 25 to start the process of establishing a new national youth network.

My faith story: Jenny Collins-White

Jenny Collins-White

The National Centre for Evangelisation recently connected with Jenny Collins-White, who is based in Sydney and works with Catholic Mission. Jenny is currently the Manager, Mission Formation and the Program Manager, Schools and Advocacy. Jenny’s story is one that speaks to the pain of losing a sibling, the joys of parish life after Vatican II and a deep commitment to social justice. 

Couples on the journey together: The Teams Movement

Jenny Collins-White

In the late 1930s in France, four young couples asked their parish priest what help might be available to support their Christian marriage. Fr Henri Caffarel recommended they join with him to “journey together and see”.

Syro-Malabar Catholics bringing unique traditions and culture to the Church

Jenny Collins-White

During October’s first assembly of the Plenary Council of Australia, Catholics were encouraged to deepen their understanding of the various Eastern Rite Churches that exist in Australia. The National Centre for Evangelisation recently spoke with Bishop of the Syro-Malabar Eparchy in Australia, Bishop Bosco Puthur, to learn more about the Syro-Malabar Church and its growth around the country.

Plenary Council a unique experience for youth member

Jenny Collins-White

Just two months after the first assembly of Australia’s Fifth Plenary Council, Adelaide member Madeline Forde is already eagerly preparing for the second assembly, due to be held in July 2022.

Catholic streaming alternatives steadily growing

Streaming services

In the previous edition of The Bridge, we explored some of the ways to navigate the multitude of streaming services available today. We also promised to examine some Catholic streaming services in a future article. Here’s your guide to some of the best faith-based streaming services on offer.

Spirit-led ecclesial communities unite


It is one of the strengths, and indeed the beauty, of Catholicism that we can embrace different expressions of our faith. Many people find that expression within the context of a parish community, while others find it within what we call ecclesial communities. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) is one such community, finding itself part of the rich fabric of Catholic life within Australia and abroad.

Catholic conferences: Is the future online?

Online conferencing

COVID-19 has caused us to pivot in nearly every aspect of our lives. Lockdowns and limitations on travel have required us to shift many of our daily activities to an online version of what we would normally have done in-person.

Navigating streaming services

Online conferencing

A generation ago, if you wanted to watch a movie or a television series, you had several options – go to the cinema, rent it from the local video store, watch it on television or record it on your VCR machine.

Re-imagining local World Youth Days: Reflecting on the pastoral guidelines for the celebration of World Youth Day in the particular churches

Online conferencing

“All young people must feel that they are cared for by the Church. Therefore, may the entire Church on a worldwide level, in union with the Successor of Peter, be more and more committed to young people, to their concerns and worries and to their aspirations and hopes, so as to meet their expectations by communicating the certainty that is Christ, the Truth that is Christ, the love that is Christ...” (John Paul II, to the College of Cardinals and Members of the Roman Curia for Christmas, 20 December 1985).

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