Aqua fons vitae – Water is a source of life: Dr Sandie Cornish

Water is a source of lifeWe make God’s love manifest in the world when we care for each other and for the whole of creation, so answering the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth are ways of evangelising. The Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development is the part of the Vatican that is most engaged with this form of evangelisation. 

It has issued a new document called Aqua fons vitae – water is a source of life – to help local churches to reflect and act on “the issue of water, development and the future of human life on Earth”. It provides a summary of some of the major challenges, points out matters requiring awareness raising and advocacy, and suggests some actions that could be undertaken by churches at the local level.

These suggestions are grounded in Catholic Social Teaching and reflect the diplomatic action undertaken by the Holy See in international fora. You may be surprised at how extensive and detailed this thinking and action by the Church has been! Find out more and access a link to Aqua fons vitae on the website of the ACBC Office for Social Justice here

Dr Sandie CornishWords:  Dr Sandie Cornish, Publications and Research Office,  
               Office for Social Justice, ACBC
Images: Steve Bittinger, Unsplash

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