Faith Journey: A resource for enquirers and faith sharers

Faith Journey, a resource from the National Centre for Evangelisation (NCE), offers a spiritual reflection on current topics and human experiences, encouraging the reader to make sense of these in light of their own journey of faith.NCE faith journey

Faith Journey was born as a result of the NCE’s study in how to best accompany the many people who reach out to the Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC) for a free copy of Call and Response: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith. When enquirers receive the book, they are invited to sign up for this free monthly offering, which the CEC believes will continue to nourish them.

The CEC is a work of the NCE and has been part of the Catholic landscape in Australia since 1959. Enquirers about the faith can receive these free resources as a result of the generous support of donors. The CEC responds to questions about God, Jesus and the Catholic faith via email and its toll-free number.

Over time, catechists and those delivering adult faith formation have also signed up for Faith Journey. It has proven to be a useful resource for RCIA teams who would like a simple way of connecting with their catechumen and candidates from the time they make their initial enquiry, through the RCIA process and then after their initiation into the faith.

After four years, Faith Journey is now delivered to almost 2,000 people. Here are links to a few articles that have been written over the years:

To access all the articles, go here.

If you would like to be able to share your faith, but feel that you don’t have the confidence to do so, then maybe you could sign up for Faith Journey and, as appropriate, share the articles with friends and family. It might just start a conversation! To subscribe, go here.

Words: Sharon Brewer

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