Catholic Men's Gathering - Program Planning



Five videos will be released on July 30. Each video, as outlined below, includes a keynote input for discussion in small groups (discussion questions are provided in the Hosting Guidelines).

Introduction and Recap of 2020 Event - 20 Minutes
5 mins Introduction / Welcome and Prayer     Jude Hennessy  
15 mins Recap       Jude Hennessy/Robert Falzon
SESSION 1 – 25 Minutes
3 mins Introduction Jude Hennessy  
15/20 mins Keynote: Man of God Tomasz Juszczak
3 mins Prayer, thanks and invitation to Session 2 Robert Falzon
SESSION 2 – 25 Minutes
5 mins Introduction  Robert Falzon
15/20 mins Keynote: Man of Service Tim Davis
5 mins Prayer, thanks and invitation to Session 3 Jude Hennessy
SESSION 3 – 25 Minutes
5 mins Introduction     Jude Hennessy
15/20 mins Keynote: Man of Character Shayne Bennett
5 mins Prayer, thanks and invitation to Commissioning Robert Falzon
Commissioning - 20 Minutes
5 mins Welcome and Introduction Jude Hennessy
10 mins Commissioning and Sending Archbishop Julian Porteous
5 mins Event Conclusion Jude Hennessy/Robert Falzon


Planning Your Program

Depending on the gathering opportunities of your community, these formation videos can be utilised in a number of program styles. A recommended Full Day program is listed below, with additional sample programs for 2 x half day programs, or 3 x evening/online sessions available in the Hosting Guidelines.

SAMPLE A – Full Day Program option 1
9:00am Mass
9:55am Local Welcome and Prayer
10:00am Play: Introduction and Recap of 2020
10:30am Play: Session 1 – Man of God
11:00am Small Group Discussion
11:30am Morning Tea
12:00pm Play: Session 2 – Man of Service
12:25pm Small Group Discussion
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Play: Session 3 – Man of Character
2:25pm Small Group Discussion
3:00pm Afternoon Tea
3:30pm Commissioning
3:50pm Thank you and farewell
4:00pm Conclude

You can adjust these sample programs to fit your requirements, pending the times and resource available to you. For example, if you need to finish by 3:30pm, reduce the three small group discussions by 5 minutes each, and your lunch time by 15 minutes, thus reducing your program by 30 minutes for the day.

More examples can be found in the Hosting Guidelines.

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