Our Journey to Easter

As we approach Easter 2021, the National Centre for Evangelisation will be publishing a series of four articles, reflecting upon the joy of returning to community celebrations at Easter. 

The articles will be published each week during March.

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Our Journey to Easter: Living in Easter hope

Clare Headshot Liturgy Brisbane sqLast year, Christian communities in Australia and around the world experienced an unrecognisable Easter. Churches were closed. People were forbidden to gather.

In response, various initiatives were suggested in the hope that people might at least be able to stay connected to their parish church. Perhaps people could come and collect a blessed palm leaf on Palm Sunday from a large basket outside the church? Perhaps they could take a small vial of Holy Water from the church grounds on Easter Sunday. Each of these suggestions was considered too risky. People were told to stay away.

Our Journey to Easter: Celebrating the season as a family

Matthew Biddle

In our family, the celebration of Easter revolves around participation in the life of the Church, as we join with our parish community on the journey towards Christ’s resurrection.

Personally, I’ve always sought to attend as many of the Easter ceremonies as possible, to fully immerse myself in Holy Week and to give me an opportunity to reflect upon the mysteries of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection.

Our Journey to Easter: Easter freedom

Ellen Hales

I over-indulge. As a kid, I would wake up on Easter Sunday at the crack of dawn, scan the house for chocolate and eat it all before breakfast. It wasn’t until the chocolate bliss turned rapidly into a nauseating sugar hangover that I could see it was an obvious waste of good, milky chocolate.

Our Journey to Easter: Growing closer to God through gratitude

Ellen Hales

The Easter Triduum of 2020 is not one we will forget anytime soon, especially for those of us who celebrated it in the empty churches of Victoria. The Triduum is so often a time when our parish communities are at their best. Teams of parishioners, shining, polishing, and vacuuming. Flowers, vestments, brassware at their finest. Readers and musicians in full voice.

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